With Hacktober coming to an end, we would like to take a moment to appreciate the overwhelming support and contributions we’ve seen the past month. It was our debut in this year’s fest, and we feel like we’ve kicked the door in with our powerful community.

Hacktober 2021 community achievements

We are incredibly humbled…

The tech world evolves in a tremendously fast manner, and so do design trends. When teams are working hard to deliver beautiful applications, they are making sure that expectations meet reality.

While doing that, engineers have to work with default browser behavior like the topic of this article — outline.

Hi! My name is Vadim and it’s my first blog post!

I’ve been writing code for a while now and working as a community leader for 2.5 years for GDG and now for Facebook DevC. I was always satisfied with what I am busy with, but there was always an…

Vadim Smirnov

Software Engineer/Community Manager

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