A walkthrough of my Gatsby website

Hi! My name is Vadim and it’s my first blog post!

I’ve been writing code for a while now and working as a community leader for 2.5 years for GDG and now for Facebook DevC. I was always satisfied with what I am busy with, but there was always an idea in the back of my head “hey, why won’t you start sharing stuff with the world as a blogger or speaker?”. And now I am finally feeling like I should do that.

Just to get to know each other a little I feel like sharing some tech details of my website which I created to organize my digital “face” is a good idea. You can find my website here → https://fuzzyreason.io/

The stack

Since I am a great fan of JAMstack and React and after some time digging I realize that I want to stick with Gatsby. And now let’s check some other tools that I am using.

  • Styled Components with Emotion.
  • Netlify as a deployment service that is great and super user friendly, it is always a pleasure to work with Netlify
  • Netlify CMS for content management is quite straightforward and easy to configure, so I decided to stick with it

And thanks to the tremendous Gatsby ecosystem there are a lot of great plugins that make the development process extremely satisfying, here is the list:

That’s about it for the stack to fit my website’s needs and make the development process quite comfortable and automatic in some aspects.


And that’s the moment when I can only applause to the Gatsby team without dropping a single word.


fuzzyreason.io is not a perfect example to demonstrate Gatsby’s performance beauty and power, but it does provide all of the tools necessary to build blazing fast products.

To summarise

Sharing some details about my website is a blogging starting point and introduction in some way, which I am happy about. My website is open-source on github, so if you feel like something that can be done better and more fancy I am more than happy to chat or you can open an issue.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the upcoming posts!

Software Engineer/Community Manager